Cosiscoop Drop light grey gas lantern

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Art nr. 5980300

New in the Cosiscoop collection is the Cosiscoop Drop. On dark winter / autumn or balmy summer evenings. There is always a moment when you want to enjoy the beautiful light from this gas lantern. The design ensures a nice distribution of light through the round recesses. The slim handle makes this lantern easy to carry and set up anywhere. The Cosiscoop Drop is available in two stylish colors: black and light gray. The Cosiscoop Drop is handy and easy to use. Place a 190 gram gas cartridge at the bottom and light the Cosiscope with a long lighter. Then you have an atmospheric flame for about 6 hours. Do you want to turn it off in the meantime? No problem, the control button makes it easy to extinguish and the lantern can simply be lit again with a long lighter the next time. All Scoop gas lanterns work on a universal 190 gram spike cartridge. Make sure you always choose a gas cartridge with a gas-stop system. If the gas lantern loses contact with the cartridge, the gas stop will automatically activate. The Scoop gas lantern can burn for about 6 hours on a 190 gram filling. The pebbles are supplied as standard.

Brand: Cosi
Model: Cosiscoop Drop
Model number: 5980300
EAN: 8712757463886
Material: metal
Color: Light Gray
Dimensions: 21*21*H36,5cm
Packaging: in cartboard boxes
Warranty: 2 Year on construction and material failure
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