Platinum Parasol Challenger T2 Glow 3x3 tTaupe

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Parasol Challenger T2 Glow 3x3 from Platinum 7125E.

This parasol is equipped with the unique T2 tilting system with stainless steel interior. This allows you to continuously tilt your Free Arm parasol sideways and backwards. The inside of the parasol is equipped with practical and attractive LED lighting. The parasol can also be rotated 360 degrees. So you can always sit in the shade without moving the parasol! The Challenger T2 Free Arm parasol is equipped with a heavy quality 300 grams taupe polyester fabric with a water and dirt-repellent coating. This fabric has a high degree of color fastness and has been tested in class 5-6 (good - very good). 

Keep your parasol as new and only cover it with an AeroCover breathable parasol cover when you are not using it for a longer period of time.

The Free Arm parasol has the great advantage that the pole of the Free Arm parasol is not as prominent as with a normal parasol and can be placed a little further from your garden set. This allows the entire space under the floating parasol to be used. The parasol is supplied without a base. We recommend placing this parasol on a 90kg Platinum parasol base. These are available with wheels so that the parasol is easy to move. Platinum also supplies an inground umbrella base. The buried parasol base is completely incorporated into the ground. This gives you more space on your terrace. The burial base is easy to install without the use of concrete.

Brand: Platinum
Model: Challenger T2 Glow 3x3 Taupe
Model number: 7125E
EAN: 8717591777960
Material: Aluminium frame, Polyester fabric
Color: Antracite frame, Taupe fabric
Dimensions: 3x3m
Packaging: Cardboard box
Warranty: 2 years on construction and material defects.
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