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Falcon T2 umbrella 2,7×2,7m square

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Falcon T2 free arm umbrella 2,7×2,7m square of Platinum.
This umbrella can turn 360degrees around the frame, it can be angled vertically and the T2-system makes horizontal angling also possible.


Falcon T2 free arm umbrella 2,7×2,7 square of Platinum. A square shaped umbrella can be placed tightly along a straight wall or fence, but be aware of the turning circle of the arms of the umbrella.

This umbrella is easy to handle and can turn 360degrees around the frame due to the ball bearing system, it can be angled vertically towards the frame and because of the T2 system horizontal angling is also possible.

This system can compensates the turning of the sun and create the best sunshade without replacing the umbrella base. This is shown on the added instruction video.

The umbrella has an anthracite colored aluminum frame and a 220gramms polyester roof that offers UV-light protection (UPF35+).

The Falcon includes a cross base but is exclusive a protective cover. It is possible to chose for a replacable granite umbrella base or an in-ground-base.

The umbrella is available in several different colors roof.




dark grey, Taupe


220gramms polyester, Aluminum

UV-proof value

UPF50+ (maximum)


Seasonal protective cover and Led-lighting (included), umrella base (excluded)


Falcon 2,7×2,7m Dark Grey


2,7×2,7×2,52m (LxWxH)

OEM art. nr.



2 year

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