Biohort Hobbybox 180

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Biohort Hobbybox 180

The perfect outdoor storage box, a durable solution thanks to the high-quality material.
It easily stores everything for which you do not have a specific storage space: Ideal for storing seat cushions, sunbeds, folding chairs, toys, sports and camping equipment.

The ideal storage box for all kinds of things! Beautiful and practical in 5 colors (white, silver metallic, bronze metallic, dark gray metallic and quartz gray metallic) and available in 5 different sizes (100, 130, 160HIGH, 180 and 200).


The Hobbybox 180cm has an outer size of 181 x 79 x 71cm high. The storage capacity is 800 liters.



* stability and a beautiful design with a robust, smooth lid.
* easy to clean
* hot dip galvanized, polyamide fired steel
* comfortable lid opening with gas pressure spring
* rainwater-proof metal garden box
* rotary handle cylinder lock incl. spare key
* invisible, integrated ventilation
* stainless steel screws and hinges
* simple construction based on photo construction description

Brand: Biohort
Model: Hobbybox 180
Model number:
Dimensions: 181*79*H71cm
Packaging: knock down, in a cartboard box
Warranty: up to 20 years limited warrantee
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